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Steven J. Golightly Buys Degree!

It has just come to our attention that Stephen J. Golightly, the Director of the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department has bought a degree from a for-profit online school. Our suspicions were aroused when the suffix "Ph.D." started appearing next to his name on Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department letterhead. Not impressed, it was a simple matter to determine if he had actually completed such a degree by looking for his dissertation. Lo and behold, his "dissertation" was found: Using a Structured Decision Making Protocol to Stratify Caseloads in the Child Support Program. Gosh, isn't the impressive? However, even a cursory glance at his dissertation reveals that it's an embarrassing mess that is filled with nonsense. (He gleaned confidential parent records from the county's files to use as "data" - who permitted him to do that without his victims' permission?)

Given the shoddiness of his so-called "research" it is clearly evident that Golightly didn't obtain a Ph.D. from a respected institution of higher learning; he bought one (in 2010) from the esteemed Walden University, an entirely online, for-profit "school!" Impressive! For a few exciting reviews about what others think about Golightly's alma mater, take a look at some of comments posted here:

Of course, Golightly's dissertation reflects the "quality" of his school and it is inconceivable that a genuine university would ever accept such drivel. Almost as impressive is that he obtained an MPA ("Masters of Public Administration") from Cal State Dominquez Hills - another ONLINE "degree" (in 2007) and bought a BS from the equally "impressive" University of Phoenix in 2004! When one considers that earning a real Ph.D. often requires five, six, or more years of full-time coursework and research at real research institutions, the fact that Golightly only required three years or less to buy a Ph.D. from Walden University speaks volumes! Indeed it took him a mere six years from the time he bought his University of Phoenix degree, to get a online masters degree and a Ph.D. Embarrassing, to say the least!

Los Angeles Times Posts Salaries of County Officials who Earn More than
$250,000 per Year

While Los Angeles County terrorizes innocent parents and their children as a matter of policy, they also pay their criminals exorbitant salaries. While we hope the Times will eventually publish the salaries of all of the County's evil employees (and we'll post those that harm families and children on this site), we now know how much some of their sleaziest, most evil ones are paid for abusing children and their families. The names released today (October 4, 2010) include:

Name Position Base Salary Other Perks Total Salary

Philip L. Browning

Philip L. Browning, Child Abuser

Director, Public Social Services


Before climbing the Peter-principle ladder to his current position, this bastard was Director of the Child Support Services Department. $223,193 $48,647 $271,840

Patricia "Trish" Sue Ploehn

Trish Ploehn, LA County Whore and Director of Child and Family Services

Former Director, Department of Child and Family Services

This whore was canned from her "job" - she was too vile for even the child abusers on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

This whore literally supervised County-paid child abusers, murderers, and pedophiles - and she gets paid more than a quarter of a million dollars, every year, to do that.

On December, 14, 2010, the Los Angeles Times reported that this child abusing wench was removed from her job by the equally vile Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors - apparently, as evil as they are, even they couldn't stomach this pizzafaced child abuser any longer.

$214,206 $43,419 $257,625

According to a document posted on LA County's web site, the following subhuman child abusers' salaries are also listed. Of course, this document does not list the additional perks these child abusers receive for their nefarious acts against innocent children and their families:

Name Position Base Salary Other Perks Total Salary

Steven J. Golightly

Steven J. Golightly

Director of Child Support Services

This jerk is the very epitome of sleazedom. With so many thugs under him, Golightly is a prime example of the Peter principle at work. Doesn't he look cute in his party outfit? How many of his victims would give anything just to have their lives back? $206,645 Not listed Not listed

Lori A. Cruz

Lori A. Cruz

Chief Deputy Director, Child Support Services Department

Lori Ann Cruz- Is one of the most evil of all Child Support Service Department Nazis, Lori Cruz gets paid an obscene amount to terrorize countless families.

View some of her crimes here.

$179,574 Not listed Not listed

Lisa M. Garett

Lisa M. Garrett

Former Chief Deputy Director, Child Support Services Department, now with the County's Human Resources Dept.


Lisa Garrett - As one of Lori A. Cruz's cohorts as LACCSSD's Chief Deputy Director, Garrett served as one of their spokesholes and was involved in blackmail and extortion attempts against LA County's victims.

LACCSSD's Chief Deputy Director and shyster extraordinaire. This sleazy pile of human excrement appears to also have played musical chairs and is now with County's Human Resources Department.

$223,088 Not listed Not listed

Want to know the salaries of Los Angeles County Child Support shysters? According to the County's web site (October 2010), these bastards' base salaries range from $55,466.16 to $157,761.84 per year. That's right unethical child abusers like Dennis Coe, Vincent Carberry, James Christopher Stark, Alex Huynh, Deborah Echeverria, and so many others get as much as $157,761.84 per year to steal, harass, and terrorize innocent men and their children.

LA County Political Prisoner and Child Support Hero
Attorney Richard Fine Released

September 17, 2010 - After spending more than 18 months in jail with NO CHARGES FILED, Los Angeles County releases their political prisoner, Dr. Richard I. Fine who was locked up after he exposed the fact that the County literally has literally bribed every LA County Superior Court judge (who are state employees) for more than two decades. Dr. Fine also uncovered the fact that the Department of Child Support Services had stolen 14 million dollars from innocent parents and had then refused to turn that money over to support their children. Meanwhile, the real criminals (the neo-Nazi Board of Supervisors, corrupt judges, and so many others) continue to terrorize innocent parents and their families.


CNN Airs Story on
LA County Political Prisoner and Child Support Hero
Attorney Richard Fine

We have long reported on the blatantly illegal and grossly un-American activities of Los Angeles County. These actions literally destroy the lives of innocent children and their families. CNN has just aired (May 22, 2010) a story on political prisoner, Richard I. Fine - the attorney who exposed the FACT that Los Angeles County Superior Court judges have literally accepted bribes, from LA County, for YEARS. Richard Fine also FORCED LA County to distribute $14 MILLION DOLLARS in child support that they had stolen from innocent people and turn it over to the CHILDREN that were supposed to receive it. Last year, neo-Nazis judge David P. Yaffe took Fine as a political prisoner (literally) and Fine has been locked away in solitary confinement for MORE THAN A YEAR and yet NO CHARGES HAVE EVER BEEN FILED. Yes, anti-American bastards like David P. Yaffe are OPENLY VIOLATING HUMAN RIGHTS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE.

Click here to view CNN story on Political Prisoner Richard I. Fine.

Judge David P. Yaffe

This bastard is responsible for denying the human rights of Richard I. Fine and is just one of the more than 400 Los Angeles County Superior Court Judges currently accepting bribes, in the amount of $57,000 per year, from the County. (Click here for one CNN story on the case that mentions the $57,000 per year, per judge bribes.)

Neo-Nazis LA Superior Court Judge David P. Yaffe



LA County takes Child Support Hero
Attorney Richard Fine
As a Political Prisoner

Attorney Richard Fine has spent a lifetime exposing the blatant corruption that is endemic throughout the Neo-Nazis fascist state of Los Angeles County (they ceased being a genuine part of the former United States of America years ago). In true Los Angeles County fashion, Richard Fine is now locked away in prison and has NOT HAD A TRIAL after more than one year in solitary confinement because he exposed the corruption in Los Angeles County Courts (which, of course, also regularly terrorize families and their children).

One of the things that Richard Fine did was to successfully sue LA County for stealing child support from fathers and not giving it to mothers. One article states:

"Richard Fine worked to force the County of Los Angeles government to pay out $14 million in child support payments that they collected from parents paying it to the county as required by law. These child support payments that were supposed to go to families were being held by the County of Los Angeles and not being distributed. Amazingly, even though this is illegal, the county courts approved the action. Later, it was discovered that Judge James Chalfant who approved this illegal hoarding of funds was being illegally paid under the table by the County of Los Angeles."

After viewing the following video, make sure you visit the Free Richard Fine web site.

If you're appalled at the criminal conduct of the Los Angeles Superior Court and the State of California that allows political prisoners to be taken, please visit the following web sites:

  • Free Richard Fine - the official web site dedicated to helping free Richard I. Fine (in addition to holding a JD, Richard Fine also holds a Ph.D.) and exposing the judicial corruption in Los Angeles County. (The county and the courts have been bedfellows for decades).
  • Full Disclosure - a news site that reports on the "news behind the news". Here's a link to the story about LA County Commandant (Sheriff) Lee Baca, finally agreeing to allow a news camera to be used to interview Richard Fine. Baca is such a spineless Nazis that he only backed down after a lawsuit was filed. Then, as with all cowards, Baca let his spokeshole, Steve Whitmore, take the blame.
  • Right Trumps Might - an all-volunteer national team determined to expose and neutralize corrupted persons holding elected office. 
  • Judge David P. Yaffe, Superior Court of Los Angeles - this corrupt Neo-Nazi monster is the bastard who, along with ALL OTHER LOS ANGELES COUNTY JUDGES, has been accepting illegal bribes from Los Angeles County for years. That's right Los Angeles County has been but brazenly violated the human rights (not to mention the Constitutional Rights) of Richard Fine by locking Fine away in solitary confinement for his refusal bend over to Yaffee's filth.

Our Mission:


To expose the corrupt and vile cretins who run the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department which, we strongly believe, is dedicated to ruining the quality of life for children and their fathers of Los Angeles and other counties by intentionally refusing to provided timely, accurate, and responsive child support services.

In order to help our shysters and employees get the salary they deserve, the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department offers the following services to the public free of charge:

  • Serving as vigilantes in locating parents to abuse
  • Ignoring parental rights
  • Ignoring court orders for child support
  • Bilking fathers out of child support they don't owe
  • Stealing from fathers
  • Distributing stolen support to deadbeat mothers
  • Committing fraud with other counties, states, and countries to steal child support from fathers who don't owe it
  • As this site grows you will find a wealth of information about the idiots, morons, thugs, shysters, and others who are devoted to stealing money from children and their fathers under the guise of "child support."

We are disgusted with the work that Los Angeles County does in harming children. Last year, the Child Support Services Department's overpaid 1800 inept and incompetent employees who ignored the paternal rights of more than 65,000 children, and embezzled over $428 million dollars from their fathers.

On July 1, 2001 the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
created the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department (CSSD) to administer the child support program in Los Angeles County. Prior to that time, the program was run in the corrupt Bureau of Family Support Operations as part of the sleaze bag District Attorney's Office.

The child support program is a county-run state-supervised
program of the State Department of Child Support Services. The
child support program is a joint effort of federal, state, and county governments to illegally steal money from fathers who have always paid their child support. The program's goals are:

  1. to ensure that children are not supported by their parents
  2. to interfere with family responsibility
  3. to increase the salaries of our shysters and employees
  4. bankrupt good men

The bastards that run the Los Angeles County Child Support Services operate out of their headquarters at:

Child Support Services Department
Los Angeles County
5770 South Eastern Avenue
Commerce, CA. 90040-2924
(323) 890-9800
Visit the real site of these bastards

Don't bother trying to contact them - they refuse to answer mail and will hang up if you try to call.

Nefarious Actions of Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department isn't the only one that terrorizes innocent parents and literally destroys the lives of children. Here are are few examples:

  • Los Angeles County Department of Child and and Family Services (DCFS) literally denies the Constitutional Rights of innocent parents (just like their counterparts in the Child Support Services Department). The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Los Angeles County literally stole a couple's three children from them on patently false charges of "child abuse" when their renegade teenage daughter made false accusations against them. The 9th Circuit ruled that these parent's Constitutional Rights to Due Process, as guaranteed under the 14th Amendment, were wantonly denied and that there is literally no way for them to get their names removed from the California Child Abuse Index. More than a year after the 9th Circuit Court Ruling, there remains no mechanism for anyone falsely accused to receive due process and, because the Neo-Nazis from Los Angeles County are afraid that this ruling will open a floodgate of lawsuits from more of their victims, the Supreme Court has just agreed to hear the case.

The full text of the case, Humphries vs. County of Los Angeles, may be read by clicking here.

Information about the Supreme Court Docket and additional information may be found by clicking here. Note that this link states:

Craig and Wendy Humphries were accused of abuse by one of their children, arrested, and their children were taken away from them [by
Los Angeles County]. They were charged with child abuse and felony torture, but the charges were dismissed once it became clear the allegations were not true. Despite the fact that the charges were dismissed, the Humphries were placed on California's Child Abuse Central Index -- a database for known and suspected child abusers.




Unethical Sleazy Government-Paid Child Support Nazis who should be convicted and sent to prison for abusing innocent fathers and intentionally harming children.

Click here to visit our NEW most wanted list

of the scum bags who abuse innocent fathers and, as a direct result, also abuse innocent children.

Fraud Unit Investigation Reveals the Truth About

Los Angeles County Child Support Shysters

This site is dedicated to revealing the names and positions of the unethical, dishonest, and illegal actions of government employees - especially the Los Angeles County Child Support Service Department's [LACCSSD] shysters, who regularly abuse innocent people through deceit, lies, and outright theft. As a direct result of an ongoing investigation into the corrupt practices of the LACCSSD, it has been revealed that they, along with their equally corrupt counterparts from the State of California Child Support Services Department, have not only been STEALING money from innocent people but have also giving that money to others who are not entitled to any of it.

Before we post an actual letter recently received from an LACCSSD "attorney" (who had previously tried to extort more money from one of their victims) we want to post the names of the vicious, unethical, and corrupt shysters, and other criminals who have refused to do anything about the situation - for nearly TWO YEARS - even though they had ALL of the proof; these thugs are:

LA County's vile "chief attorney" who openly and regularly commits fraud, theft, defamation, etc.

This unstable, malicious, and maniacal shyster literally ignores court orders, lies to judges, lies to his victims, refuses to respond to letters from the attorneys of his victims, etc., etc., etc. Dennis Coe fits the very definition of the term "bully" and is both a sissy and wimp - especially when his unethical and pernicious actions are uncovered. He also engages in defamation and libel. He is so vicious that his victims literally fear for their safety, as well as for the safety of their children - who Dennis Coe could give a damn about as he is too busy stealing money from their parents.

The corrupt and grossly unethical Direct of the State of California's Child Support Services Department. This bitch could care less about her victims - she gets paid big bucks for her abuse. This beast not only ignores the criminal conduct of her department but also aids and abets LACCSSD in their malicious attacks against good parents.

  • Deborah Echeverria - Perhaps the best way to describe this shyster is "unethical moron."
  • Leora Gerhenzon (Wallace's Assistant) - Assistant Director and wench. This bigoted bitch not only aids and abets in the State's theft but also slams the phone down on her victims.
  • Alex Huynh - Another incompetent shyster who refuses to respond to demands regarding LACCSSD's intentional theft.
  • Lisa Garrett - As one of Lori A. Cruz's cohorts as LACCSSD's Chief Deputy Director, Garrett serves as one of their spokesholes and is involved in the blackmail and extortion attempts against LA County's victims.
  • Philip Browning - Former LACCSSD "Director" who is the very epitome of the Peter Principle at Work (he's now "director" of LA County's Social Services Department). God help us.
  • Susan Turek - one of Wallace's thugs
  • Carolee St. Clair - yet another one of Wallace's goons. This bitch is such a bigot that she'll slam the phone down on the state's victims and part of the state's intentional theft.
  • Steven Golightly - LACCSSD's latest director and extortionist. Until the entire LACCSSD is gutted of Golightly and his fellow criminals (they need to be fired - if not put in jail, immediately) millions of innocent children and their parents will continue to be subjected to their severe abuse.

Now that we've mentioned some of the vilest government thugs who have engaged in the abuse of innocent people, we would now like to present a "letter of apology" by LA County Shyster James Chris Stark in which he "can't explain" LACCSSD's theft. A copy of his actual letter (which names redacted to protect the children of the victims) may be viewed by clicking here - as well as listed below.

LA County Tries to "Apologize"

After Stealing Money for More than a Year!


County of Los Angeles
Child Support Services Department
Steven Golightly, Director

Payment History and Audit

Dear Mr. [Redacted]:

Please find enclosed an updated audit based on the payments withheld over the past year via wage assignment. It appears almost half of the monies withheld from your check and forwarded to the State Disbursement Unit for your support order were mistakenly credited to another person's case with the same employer. I wish I could explain how and why this occurred, but I am at as much of a loss and you are as to why this happened. We were able to research the clearing/routing numbers on the backs of [your employer’s] cancelled checks to determine where the monies were posted. Those monies have been retrieved and are being forwarded to the custodial parent [name of wench redacted], We also found another posting for [more money that was stolen] for [date redacted] on this other person's account which was not part of the proof you had originally provided. These monies are also being retrieved.

The attached audit reflects all payments made and previously posted to your account as well as those payments we just located. I am attaching an updated a made well. Please note that the audit reflects a payment made in [date redacted] for [amount redacted] but that payment is not on the actual payment history. Pursuant to a telephone conversation with [your employer], the [sic] failed to send in that payment at the time of the withholding and will be processing a check and forwarding it to the State Disbursement Unit shortly. As the audit reflects, we gave you credit for that payment as well. Also note that the payment history shows a payment date for a [redacted] wage assignment payment of $[amount stolen]. On the audit, it is reflected in the month of [redacted] since that was the date of the withholding from your pay.

As of today's date, your balance is [another wrong amount] you can see from the audit, you have maintained an overpayment until [redacted] 2007 when your [money was then stolen from another source] . Pursuant to our records, no other payments have been made since [redacted] other than those from your [other checks that were garnished]. If you have made payments since that time on your own and you do not see them as having posted, please let us know immediately so we can try to locate them.

I apologize for the problems you have had with the missing payments made to the State Disbursement Unit. We have corrected those problems as to the past payments and are hoping there are no more problems for you or your payments in the future. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you notice this problem again.


Chris Stark
Staff Attorney

As of the date of this posting, LA County continues to fraudulently claim that their victim is nearly TWO MONTHS in arrears on child support.

Finally, as LA County's unstable shyster, Dennis Coe is the one who PERSONALLY knew about this theft (as he had ALL of canceled checks more than a YEAR before shyster Stark wrote his "apology"), intentionally lied to a court about it - TWICE, violated the court's cease and desist orders, and then continued to abuse his victim, we want to make sure we mention the names, again, of all those government low-life employees (a.k.a., "public servants") who had FULL ACCESS to the facts (including ALL of the canceled checks) but continued their theft anyway:

If any of these subhuman monsters are abusing you, report them NOW to the

Los Angeles County Fraud Unit Hotline

It is through the work of the Fraud Unit that Dennis Coe and the other thugs have been exposed for their vicious conduct.

News Release – June 22, 2007


Fraud Unit Uncovers Scandal:

Los Angeles County Child Support Computer System has Major Deficiencies


. . .harming millions of innocent men

As part of an investigation into the ongoing corruption at the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department, in which they have been illegally seizing the wages, as well as fraudulently reporting arrearages on the credit report of a father who has always paid his child support on time and in full, the Los Angeles County Fraud Unit (Department of Auditor-Controller, Office of County Investigations, located on the Internet at: That complaint resulted in an investigation being opened against them. As a result, the Fraud Unit has just uncovered another huge scandal in which it appears that millions of innocent fathers are literally being abused by LACCSSD. According to a voice-mail message, the Los Angeles County Fraud Unit informed the father that:

“. . .the Child Support Department has a major deficiency in their computer reconciling system it looks they have a large lag time of about two or three months which is why they are not showing any of your payments for the last two or three months”

The Los Angeles County Fraud Unit has also stated that they are

“going to sit down with them [LACCSSD] in the next week or so and we’re going to recommend some major overhauls to their computer systems.”

In other words it is taking three months (or longer) for child support payments to be recorded by the county, while, at the same time, the County is viciously seizing the wages of innocent men who have; indeed, paid their child support. As noted, this scam has potentially impacted millions of innocent men who are having their wages garnished, tax refunds stolen, credit reports destroyed, professional licenses revoked, etc., etc. due to the ongoing incompetence at the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department.

In the case of the father who made the initial report to the Los Angeles County Fraud Unit, LACCSSD has severely harassed him for the past year and a half by not only literally defying court orders (available upon request) that they cease and desist their fraudulent collection actions against him as well as determined, a year ago, that the father had overpaid his child support, but they also:

  1. Illegally garnished his wages
  2. Tried to have his teaching credentials revoked
  3. Stole unemployment checks when he was laid off (he only works part-time because he is on disability)
  4. Fraudulently reported him as being 90 days in arrears to the credit bureaus and have refused to correct them. (Just yesterday, another one of LACCSSD’s unethical attorney’s, Chris Stark, tried to blackmail and extort more money from that father by stating that LACCSSD would remove the negative credit ratings if he paid an additional $1400 which he did not owe (in fact, LACCSSD has stolen so much from the father that they owe him money). A complaint of blackmail and extortion has just been filed against Stark with the California Bar Association.
  5. Stole two years worth of tax refunds

Six of LACCSSD’s shysters (Lori A. Cruz, Dennis Coe, Deborah Echeverria, Alex Hunyh, Lisa Garrett, Chris Stark) have literally refused (some for more than a year) to respond to demands for a full accounting made by both the father and his attorney.

All of these were done in light of the fact that the father had significantly overpaid his support (much of which was stolen from him as a direct result of LACCSSD’s vicious and unfounded collection activities). The father will provide members of the news media with full documentation (canceled checks, pay stubs, tax documents, credit reports, etc.) regarding payments made (or stolen) by LACCSSD along with the extortion letter just sent by LACCSSD’s attorney, Chris Stark.

This latest scam is just one of many resulting from the unethical and illegal conduct of LACCSSD against innocent men. In a related matter, the United States District Court (Frank Mayer v. California Health and Human Services Agency et. al. - Case Number 2:05-cv-07195-JFW-SS) that LACCSSD had fraudulently damaged Mr. Mayer’s credit report and subsequently refused to correct it. Based upon this latest news, it is conceivable that millions of men are being subjected to the same treatment.

Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department

Found GUILTY by a Federal Court

. . .of intentionally destroying and refusing to repair one of their innocent victims credit ratings! The case was just closed with LACCSSD being forced to pay more than $40,000 for their victims attorneys fees. We're proud to present all available court documents in this landmark case against the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department and their thugs.

Click here to view

Frank Mayer v. California Health and Human Services Agency et al

Greta Wallace, Director, California Child Support Services Department & and her Entire Corrupt Staff, along with all the Monsters
From Los Angeles County Child Support Services Named

Child Abusers of the Year!

Photo of Greta Wallace, Child AbuserBigot Greta Wallace, Director of the California State Department of Child Support Services (smug shot at left), along with her entire staff of blatant criminals - which includes the entire Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department - have been named our Child Abusers of the Year. This "honor" has been bestowed upon these bigoted monsters due to their blatant and grossly unethical criminal acts in which they literally steal money from, and destroy the credit ratings of, good men who have always paid their child support. Of course, Wench Wallace's actions also result in the theft of food from the mouths of the children that her victims try to support on what's left after she and her goons have already stolen. These facts, of course, make Greta Wallace and her thugs child abusers. As such, these monsters also actively engage in fraud, theft, credit fraud, etc. while literally stealing money from good men that could have used on their children. Before we continue, we want to note that:

Wench Greta Wallace was a Defendant in a Federal Lawsuit

for intentionally and maliciously destroying an innocent man's credit rating! Based upon our first-hand experience, misandrist Greta Wallace continues to aid and abet other child abusers (especially the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department) by continuing to destroy the credit ratings of other innocent men.

Of course, bigots like bitch Greta Wallace and her thugs consistently ignore all sense of ethics and decency in their ceaseless and vicious vendetta to further destroy families. As their actions continue to inflict harm upon innocent children, we will be creating separate pages (if they don't already exist) for some of the worst of these child abusers: here's a list of some of the most criminal and unethical of these monsters:

California Department of Child Support Services

  • Greta Wallace, Director, wench, & chief child abuser
  • Leora Gerhenzon (Wallace's Assistant) - Assistant Director, wench, and child abuser
  • Carolee St. Clair - monster, wench, and child abuser
  • Susan Turek - Assistant Director, Unethical Liar, Bigot, Wench, and Child Abuser

Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department:

  • Steven J. Golightly - Director, Liar, Thug, and Chief Child Abuser
  • Philip Browning - Former Director, Mr. Milk toast, Bastard, and Chief Child Abuser
  • Lori A. Cruz - Chief Shyster, Wench, and Child Abuser
  • Dennis Coe - Shyster, Bastard, and Child Abuser

Join Our E-mail Campaign Against
Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department!

Write to these monsters and tell them what you think about their unethical and illegal actions that harm innocent fathers and their children.

New! Father TORTURED by Los Angeles County for more than THREE DECADES!

As unbelievable as it sounds - the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department Nazis have intentionally and maliciously terrorized an innocent man for THIRTY YEARS. Yes, you read that correctly - we've now posted this true story on our site.

Read about the Los Angeles County Nazis terrorism now!


Child Support Horrors Forum

Stephen J. Golightly - Chief Child Abuser

Report Dennis Coe

and the other
Los Angeles County Shysters

to the

LA County Fraud Unit



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